Saturday, March 6, 2010

The day of making chiffon cake

Early morning, woke up with the mood to make the cheese bread today... Who knows, when i am getting ready to bake my cake, i just realized, my high protein powder has been expired for 4 days.... To ensure my food quality, i have to throw the powder.... and now with the normal flour, i can try baking chiffon cake

Here i share my recipe, photo will be uploaded later, as i could not find my power cable.

This is my second baking, i find it is nicer than the first one, as i am using different recipe.
The first recipe i use has no coconut milk('santan'). But i find the second one is nicer.

First Recipe(without coconut milk)
Baking Powder (2/3 teaspoon) - Must sift
Flour( 130g) - Must Sift
Water (130ml)
4Egg Yolks(type a)
1 Tsp Vanilla

80g Sugar
6 Egg Whites

1. Mix well the Ingredients A (except flour, and baking powder)
2. Slowly add the flour and baking power in the mixture until it is well mixed.
3. Whisk the ingredient B, add the sugar gradually and whisk until it become stiff. (As picture, you can put the bowl upside down, the mixture will still stick to the bowl).When it reach this level, the mixture is good enough.
4. Now slowly fold the mixture A and mixture B, and put in the cake mold.
5. Put in oven for 50 minutes.
6. You can use the fork/toothpick to check . If the toothpick turn out to be clean, the cake is ready :)

Recipe 2 ( With coconut Milk)
Ingredients A :
100 g of Flour
75 ml of coconut milk
75 g of oil
1tbsp of pandan juice
1/8 tsp pandan paste
7 egg yolk

Ingredients B:
125g sugar
7 egg white
1 tsp of cream of tartar

Steps same as above.