Monday, October 29, 2007

Milk Pudding 燉鮮奶

The word of "Tong Sui" is a Cantonese word that means sweet Chinese desert. If you go Macau, never forget to try this very popular "Tong Sui" - Milk Pudding. Milk pudding is different from egg custard! They look similar but the traditional milk pudding only uses the egg white and never uses the yolk. Thus for those that like egg and yet afraid of the high cholesterol, this dessert is indeed an ideal one.

Milk Pudding and egg tart is origin from Macau. So next time, don’t forget to try this dessert if so happen you drop by Macau. I learnt this nice desert from TVB drama series "澳门街". I manage to try it during my first visit in Macau and I have to tell you, the taste, flavor andz its smooth smooth texture is indeed fantastic! The popular shop we went is called " Yi Shun". See the picture below, can you feel its smooth texture ? (nice food in macau : )

Here I share the recipe and I am sure for those that like milk will most probably fall in love in this dessert!
The steps are simple and yet this is a very good, healthy and natural dessert!!

Ingredients :
Fresh Milk 450 cc , sugar 45 gram, honey 2 spoon , egg white – 2
**The amount of sugar and honey depends on individual preference

Steps :
1. First add the milk with sugar and honey
2. Slightly beat the egg white and mix with the milk as in pic 1
3. Remove the bubbles and filter for 2 times so that your pudding will be smooth
4. Pour into the bowl and cover up with aluminum foil or a cover
5. Put in the double boil as in pic 2 for 10 minutes with the smallest/min level of heat
6. Your milk pudding can be served in either cold or hot

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3


GlaMouRousLyFit Closet said...

Tried but it din work. It din't set after 10 min. 450cc milk = ??ml actually?

Anonymous said...

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