Thursday, July 1, 2010

Almond Milk 杏仁茶

Another my favourite drink is almond drink ...Nowadays there are already lots of brand of instance almond powder such as greenmax, organic brand and etc.
Some people do feel that this almond drink always has the cockcroach smell ? Why ? Ya, you are right, if the powder doesnt prepare in proper, it will always have the cockcroach smell. Nowadays, you will no longer feel this, especially ifyou make your own almond milk.
1.Amond Milk is very good for skin and soothes your lung.
2.Is rich with Vitamin E, the antioxidant.
3.It does not contain lactose. So for those that suffer lactose intolerence people, this is a suitable drink.
4.This almond milk has little and no cholesterol. :) Suitable as a diet drinks..but you have to reduce or dont put sugar ifyou wish to on diet :)

150g sweet almonds
3 tbsp sugar ( brown sugar is good, you can reduce it .. depends your favourite)
1/4 cups of milk ( Evaporate milk or fresh milk) ..i like fresh milk, good for health
3 cups of water

1. Soak your almonds for 2 hours.
2. Add the water to the almonds, and blend it. Divide by a few portion. Blend until it become milky.
3. Cook the almond liquid.
4. Off the stove, then add the sugar and milk. Do not add it while cooking, is not good for health.
5. Then is ready. Your nice smell almond milk is ready.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The day of making chiffon cake

Early morning, woke up with the mood to make the cheese bread today... Who knows, when i am getting ready to bake my cake, i just realized, my high protein powder has been expired for 4 days.... To ensure my food quality, i have to throw the powder.... and now with the normal flour, i can try baking chiffon cake

Here i share my recipe, photo will be uploaded later, as i could not find my power cable.

This is my second baking, i find it is nicer than the first one, as i am using different recipe.
The first recipe i use has no coconut milk('santan'). But i find the second one is nicer.

First Recipe(without coconut milk)
Baking Powder (2/3 teaspoon) - Must sift
Flour( 130g) - Must Sift
Water (130ml)
4Egg Yolks(type a)
1 Tsp Vanilla

80g Sugar
6 Egg Whites

1. Mix well the Ingredients A (except flour, and baking powder)
2. Slowly add the flour and baking power in the mixture until it is well mixed.
3. Whisk the ingredient B, add the sugar gradually and whisk until it become stiff. (As picture, you can put the bowl upside down, the mixture will still stick to the bowl).When it reach this level, the mixture is good enough.
4. Now slowly fold the mixture A and mixture B, and put in the cake mold.
5. Put in oven for 50 minutes.
6. You can use the fork/toothpick to check . If the toothpick turn out to be clean, the cake is ready :)

Recipe 2 ( With coconut Milk)
Ingredients A :
100 g of Flour
75 ml of coconut milk
75 g of oil
1tbsp of pandan juice
1/8 tsp pandan paste
7 egg yolk

Ingredients B:
125g sugar
7 egg white
1 tsp of cream of tartar

Steps same as above.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ginger Tea Recipe 生姜茶

Ginger is well known for its healing power and health benefit. It can help to relieve the migraine and even nausea. Ginger tea is also one of the important drinks for female doing the confinement.

There are several types of ginger tea recipe :

1. Red Dates with Ginger Tea

- 1. Cut the ginger into small pieces
- 2. Boil the ginger with red dates and dried longan for 20 minutes
- 3. Finally, add some brown sugar depends on your preferred sweetness level.

advice : Step 3 is not advisable as taking too much sugar is not good for health.

2. Honey with Ginger Tea

- 1. Cut the ginger into small pieces
- 2. Boil the ginger for 20 minutes
- 3. Finally add the honey

advice : Add honey/sugar after the ginger tea is ready. As nutrient in honey will spoilt in hot water.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Milk Pudding 燉鮮奶

The word of "Tong Sui" is a Cantonese word that means sweet Chinese desert. If you go Macau, never forget to try this very popular "Tong Sui" - Milk Pudding. Milk pudding is different from egg custard! They look similar but the traditional milk pudding only uses the egg white and never uses the yolk. Thus for those that like egg and yet afraid of the high cholesterol, this dessert is indeed an ideal one.

Milk Pudding and egg tart is origin from Macau. So next time, don’t forget to try this dessert if so happen you drop by Macau. I learnt this nice desert from TVB drama series "澳门街". I manage to try it during my first visit in Macau and I have to tell you, the taste, flavor andz its smooth smooth texture is indeed fantastic! The popular shop we went is called " Yi Shun". See the picture below, can you feel its smooth texture ? (nice food in macau : )

Here I share the recipe and I am sure for those that like milk will most probably fall in love in this dessert!
The steps are simple and yet this is a very good, healthy and natural dessert!!

Ingredients :
Fresh Milk 450 cc , sugar 45 gram, honey 2 spoon , egg white – 2
**The amount of sugar and honey depends on individual preference

Steps :
1. First add the milk with sugar and honey
2. Slightly beat the egg white and mix with the milk as in pic 1
3. Remove the bubbles and filter for 2 times so that your pudding will be smooth
4. Pour into the bowl and cover up with aluminum foil or a cover
5. Put in the double boil as in pic 2 for 10 minutes with the smallest/min level of heat
6. Your milk pudding can be served in either cold or hot

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3